JULY 12-17, 2015

Asheville, NC


Aboretum  - Group 16                                                          Coach S. & Running Warriors                         Coach S. (white top) & Coach Carr (Milton -blue)


Ellie w/ Group 15                                                            Ellie during time trial                                                    Group 15 (Jennifer - front row L & Ellie Front R)


Hadley (L) & Jennifer (R) cool off with a friend         Hadley in Group 16                                                     Hadley (R) takes command of the time test


Hadley (C) with Group 16                                          Jennifer & Ellie in Group 15                                         Group 15 time test


Group 15                                                                       Kate & Glenda in Group 11                                           Kate & Glenda


Matthew                                                                            Nick                                                                             Runners staging for the time test


NAHS & Friends after Commencement                  NAHS & Friends                                                         Running Warriors prepare to head back to Atlanta

Return trip in Coach S's Minivan rental